Making your doorways look pretty is easy – that’s what we use architrave for. But how else can you use it? Let’s take a look.

Make Your Doorways Beautiful

Architraves first and foremost use is around doorways. We’ve all seen it and all have it in our homes (and at work!).

Decorative Architrave Used Around A Doorway

It’s the woodwork around the doorway (encasing the door) that is sometimes plain but can also be very decorative. The decorative types are commonly found in older homes.

What you’ll also see is that the architrave used around the door will normally match the skirting that is running around the walls. This further enhances the appearance of the room.

Using Architrave Around A Window?

That’s right. It’s been done before and it will carry on – it can add a lot of character to the windows, especially more traditional ones.

Architrave Used Around Windows

Generally speaking, architrave is used around the window reveal on the interior of the room.

You could match up the design with the skirtings and architrave already present throughout the home or make a feature out of them and use a completely different and more detailed design.

Create A Personal Picture Frame

Everyone has pictures on the wall. Be it of loved ones or an artsy piece just for show.

Why not make them stand out and create your very own picture frame using architrave?

You could make small ones but it generally looks better with larger pictures. Using a wide architrave could really draw attention to the picture and make it a stand out feature within the room.

If you like to keep it simple, you can still use architrave to create your picture frames as the designs range from plain square to fully decorative mouldings.

Get Your Creative Side Going

As you can see, architrave has more than one use.

You can use it pretty much anywhere where you could have a decorative border.

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